Paulo Connerti Leggings Eco Line Cellulit Prestige


  • Anti-cellulite GIK finish with caffeine and ginkgo is based on chiotazan and combines the moisturizing effect and antibacterial effect . Features: supports the circulation, regulates skin moisture, traps free radicals, revitalizes and helps in the fight against CELLULITE
  • NILIT SOFTEX type of yarn is a specialistic cloth valued for its unique properties. It transfers all the wet outside the material and becomes dry very quickly. Mikro is a specific type of polyester created from the thinniest fibre. It is also extra strengthened which extends its technical properties and makes it much softer while touching
  • SLIM RETURN type of yarn is a specialistic cloth valued for its properties. Thanks to its flexibility and astringent atributes it shapes the silhouette and lifts up the buttocks. This specialistic cloth made from slim return type of yarn do not deform and never lose its shape.
  • High waist


Material: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane


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